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Admission and browsing

Admission to the reading room and browsing open-access library materials is free of charge. However, users must register and pay the registration fee to borrow library materials and for the use of all other available library services. Students at the University of Ljubljana pay the annual fee for using all libraries at the University of Ljubljana, CTK, NUK when register at the beginning of the school year together with other inscription expences. The University of Ljubljana students can use the UL-ID digital identity to join the library via the COBISS online registration service.

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Library users search through library materials on the Open Public Access Catalogue OPAC or on open-access bookshelves on their own and register the selected materials at the loan/issue desk. Materials located in library storage (diploma works) should be requested at the loan/issue desk where a signature should be told. Help is available at the information desk.

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Delivery times

Requested material from the basement storage (old diploma works, old journals) will be available to you at the issue desk the next day upon submission of request.

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Time limit for borrowed materials

  • periodicals (journals and newspapers): 1 day
  • books, textbooks, CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, videocasettes etc.: 1 month
  • reading-room materials: should be returned the same day
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Extension of loan period

It is possible to extend the loan period before expiration two times for 14 days: in person, by telephone, by e-mail or independently online with card number and password, which are the same for remote access to digital library.

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Library material is possible to be reservated:

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Reading-room material

Some of the library material has reading-room-only loan status. Such material has the letter Č and should be returned the same day.

For reading-room only:

  • diplomas, theses and research works 
  • reading-room status books 
  • reference materials (encyclopaedias, handbooks, dictionaries, bibliographies, etc.)
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Internet access

Besides the library computer-access the internet is accessible individually. Students with laptops can access the Internet using the Eduroam wireless access.

Activation of user name and password:

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Using the Library Reading Room

microcomputers in the reading room for study purposes and in accordance with the Rules of Use of the ARNES Network and Rules of Use of the Metulj Network. Internet access is available to registered users for study and research purposes but not for entertainment or other similar purposes. Library PCs may be used only for approved use which is backed by the existing loaded software.

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It is not allowed to:

  • change PC settings (incl. screen-savers and desktop settings);
  • load other software; - export/import data not used for study or research purposes;
  • use programmes such as "Chat", IRC, "Instant messaging", etc.;
  • obtain unauthorised access to data, software, services or passwords on computers or computer networks (incl. the PC in use).


The Library reserves the right to undertake safety checks at any time.

Users, not abiding by the conditions of use of Library computers will be:

1. reprimanded,
2. further use of PCs will be prohibited,
3. continuous misuse will result in suspension.


If unsure about the correct use of the computers please consult Library staff.

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Personal Possessions

No large bags may be taken in the reading room. These can be put in lockers located at the Library entrance. The Library reserves the right to inspect bags and their contents upon entry. Readers must comply with all requests for inspection.

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Food and drink

Users must not eat in the reading room. Only small waterbottles are allowed on the premises. Smoking is not allowed.

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Consideration of others

We ask readers to be considerate towards others and behave in a way that does not disturb them. Loud talking is not allowed in the Library reading room. Mobile telephones must not be used for making or receiving calls whilst in the reading room.

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Readers are required to take the utmost care of all material in the Library's collection. Mutilation or theft of Library material is a criminal offence and will result in prosecution. Library materials are protected by an electronic security system.

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