Prosimo poskrbite, da je na strani omogočen JavaScript, ki poganja dodatek za dostopnost. Restrictions

It is not allowed to:

  • change PC settings (incl. screen-savers and desktop settings);
  • load other software; - export/import data not used for study or research purposes;
  • use programmes such as "Chat", IRC, "Instant messaging", etc.;
  • obtain unauthorised access to data, software, services or passwords on computers or computer networks (incl. the PC in use).


The Library reserves the right to undertake safety checks at any time.

Users, not abiding by the conditions of use of Library computers will be:

1. reprimanded,
2. further use of PCs will be prohibited,
3. continuous misuse will result in suspension.


If unsure about the correct use of the computers please consult Library staff.

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