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The staff of the University of Ljubljana Office International Relations has prepared a Welcome Guide for Exchange Students, specifically for international students who intend to live temporarily in Ljubljana and study at the University of Ljubljana as part of an exchange programme.

Welcome Guide

Language requirements

The University of Ljubljana offers classes in the following languages: Slovenian and English.

You can find more information here.

Slovene learning online

Slovenian Learning Online is a freely accessible online course of the Slovenian language for foreigners, developed at the Center for Slovenian as a Second Language and Foreign Language in cooperation with the company DigiEd. The course is intended for those who want to learn Slovenian independently in a simple, fun and effective way.

You can find more information here.


You can find more information here.

Medical insurance and assistance

Foreign students coming from EU member countries and European Economic Area countries should have E 128 form, E 111 form or E card. The type of document depends on the authorized insurance agency of the country of origin. That is, students should contact the authorized insurance agency where they are insured and ask for one of the above forms. Students should have appropriate insurance coverage (including accident and liability) when they come to Slovenia.

Medical assistance in Ljubljana

Foreign students can get medical assistance (general medicine, dental care, clinical psychology, genecology) at:

Location 1: Aškerčeva cesta 4, 1000 Ljubljana
Location 2: Unit Rožna dolina, Svetčeva ulica 9, 1000 Ljubljana

You can find more information here.

Grading system

You can find more information here.

Arrival to Slovenia - COVID-19 related information

You can find more information here.

Temporary residence permit

You can find more information here.

Useful links

Student dormitories 
Student organization 
Student meals 
Center for Slovene - Slovene language courses 
Information on Residence permit:; 
City Public Transport 
Slovenian National Agency for EU Programs 
European Commission - Erasmus+ 


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