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Head: Assoc. Prof. Alan Kacin, Ph.D.

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Physiotherapy laboratory mission is to scientifically evaluate the current physiotherapeutic methods and techniques and to develop new methods of prevention, ergonomics and physical treatment. We explore into the effects of physical activity and various physical agents (i.e. heat, pressure, light, gravitation and electromagnetism) on physiological mechanisms and working capacities of individuals. The implication of physical activity and physical agents on prevention and treatment of musculo-skeletal, respiratory and cardiovascular injuries/diseases and disorders is being systematically inquired into. The research is focused not only on basic scientific aspects of acute and chronic effects of physical activity and individual physical agents on autonomous (patho)physiological responses and body strength and endurance, but also on the application of relevant research findings. The long-term-goal of the physiotherapy laboratory is to make contribution towards the worldwide sustainable enhancement and development of the evidence-based physiotherapy practice.

Our research is therefore directed primarily towards:

  • the development of preventive and curative physiotherapeutic and ergonomic methods and
  • the scientific evaluation and upgrading of the extant physiotherapeutic and ergonomic methods.

The education and research should be closely linked in order to reach the stated goals. Accordingly, the students are being systematically involved in the scientific research process. In the years 2007 and 2008, the laboratory was granted financial support to implement the project 'The development and evaluation of new physiotherapeutic methods to achieve optimal muscle strength and endurance and the treatment of muscular atrophy.' The grants were used to fund also the highly specialised research equipment. The laboratory started to collaborate with other clinical and research institutions, such as Orthopaedic Clinic (Clinical Centre Ljubljana), the Institute of Oncology Ljubljana, the University rehabilitation institute Soča and the The Jožef Stefan Institute. The laboratory members succeeded in presenting the results of the laboratory research at numerous professional seminars at home and abroad.

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