Prosimo poskrbite, da je na strani omogočen JavaScript, ki poganja dodatek za dostopnost. Laboratory of hygiene premises and processes

Head: Asst. Prof. Mojca Jevšnik, Ph.D.

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The Laboratory for hygiene of establishments and processes focuses primarily on basic and applicative research with respect to hygiene monitoring and control of the establishments, built environment, equipment, processes and working staff in the food supply chain and the health care system.

The laboratory takes on the following assignments:

  • the development of fast methods to conduct hygienic monitoring/control of establishments and built environment which fall under systematic health surveillance;
  • research into food safety assurance in food processing facilities (cold food chain, hand hygiene, materials intended for contact with food, establishment and verification of HACCP system);
  • research referring to the quality of air in the establishments which fall under systematic health surveillance;
  • validation of work processes and/or specific stages within the system of internal surveillance;
  • development of educational and food safety training methods for employees, who are in contact with food;
  • research into consumers' knowledge and awareness of food safety and food quality;

development of tools for the improvement of conditions in the food supply chain.

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