Prosimo poskrbite, da je na strani omogočen JavaScript, ki poganja dodatek za dostopnost. International Symposium: Health for All - Challenges in ageing societies

Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Ljubljana and Faculty of Medicine, University of Rijeka

invite you to the 10th International Symposium:

"Health for All - Challenges in ageing societies",

which will take place on May 25, 2023, at the Faculty of Health Sciences in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Our program is designed to bring together researchers, academics, and health professionals from different fields to share their insights and perspectives on ageing-related topics. The symposium will feature keynote speeches, theme-related discussions, and poster session, thereby providing ample opportunities to exchange ideas and network with fellow participants.

Abstract submission deadline was May 7, 2023.

To attend the symposium without presenting, please use the APPLICATION FORM FOR PASSIVE PARTICIPANTS to apply.

The application fee is 80 EUR (with or without presentation).

We appreciate all attendees and believe that everyone can benefit from the exchange of ideas, regardless of whether or not you present your work.

For students of the Univesity od Rijeka: ECTS credits for students' participation in the PhD programme in Biomedicine (1ECTS) and the Croatian Chamber of Health Workers - Sanitary Engineering Branch (12 points for active and 9 for passive participation). Official decision.

We look forward to welcoming you on May 25, 2023, at the Faculty of Health Sciences in Ljubljana, Slovenia!

For accommodation options you can use VisitLjubljana, which provides lodging options near the conference venue in the city centre.


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